Preselectd is a stable relationship app which together with the help of friends or family makes it easier for single people to find their lasting match

Single people typically get irritated when trying to match with someone online because of the following:

  • Fake profiles / catfishing
  • No time to search for Mr/Ms Right
  • Too many unqualified dates
  • Privacy issues, and repetitive ads
  • Fees to pay
  • Too many useless and boring chats
  • No stability in relationships and ultimately potential divorce as a result

Why Preselectd ?

Save Time

Give time back to single people by skipping the exhausting and monotonous search phase

Qualified Date

Shed the light on "why dating a person", to avoid dozens of unqualified profiles


Chat with one person only for singles

Stable Relationship

Seal relationships through sequenced life experiences

Trusted profiles

Profiles attributes are validated by others, for more transparency and data quality

Fun & Smart

Smart, funny, and human selection funnel


Implement an altruistic atmosphere of community and engagement


And ultimately reward supermatchers for their match makings and help

How it works

Complete Your Profile

Create your profile to allow your network find a match for you.Or to help single friends find their other half.

Make groups & friends

Create a group of matchers from your dashboard, after adding them as friends, to launch debates for your single friends and vote.

Search for your friend

Find somebody for your single friend by going to their profile and choosing among the 3 ways of search.

Suggest & Debate

Start a debate and comment until the timer runs out, when you think you have found a match for your single friend.


Become a supermatcher, and gain popularity until your reach Yoda Master Matcher.

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